Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's August!

Seriously? It's already August. What the heck. 

Last year here, you'll see that we are "surprise gardeners". What surprised us this year?
Butternut squash, cantaloupe, strawberries (but they get drowned out by the bigger plants), tomatoes (plum and a beefsteak), sunflowers...we planted, ( threw in the dirt, actually) potatoes, and a bitter green mix.

I'v started the "pink baby tweed" which is in this book. It's a gift for my new niece.

And I've been practicing my crochet by making dishcloths:

I love these so much better than a sponge!!

I think my sewing mood has finally returned. Maybe it's been the autumn-like days that have been happening.

baby onesie romper thing

dress for my new niece 

fleece coat, with pink corduroy collar
(this is the start of a back to school wardrobe.)

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