Monday, August 11, 2014


Finished the coats!! I can cross off those wardrobe necessities! Yay! 
Time to start the skirts, and the dresses. Maybe pants? This little one, isnt' too fond of pants though.

fleece blazer, unlined, no closure, corduroy trim

We went to an estate sale a couple years ago where they were trying to sell their stuff for a billion dollars, pfft. They had Fiestaware, and really cool corning ware, pyrex. What they weren't selling for a billion was the fabric. A whole closet full of wools, and suitings, yards of it. I saw this red houndstooth, and instantly NEEDED it. I envisioned a pea coat, or a swing coat, a cape! Anything!
I also grabbed an old sewing box, (love looking inside those) random kid's treasures, and some other vintage fabric all for $2.00!!
Since there wasn't enough fabric for me, I made a littler version of a coat I would of loved to wear:

hooded wool coat, flannel lined

I absolutely love vintage inspired clothing. Next time I make this pattern will probably be a rain coat if I can find a suitable water proof material.

hood, back pleat

I had a long time deciding what type of closure to use. I thought a zipper would be easy, but it would take away from the finished look. Totally change the 60's look I was going for.

I had my heart set on glass buttons, you know the kind, all little bubbly nubs like the inside of a flower. Or rhinestone buttons. 
Then I had wake up, and remember it's for a 6 year old, who honestly would appreciate some sparkle, but might not be so demure in unbuttoning.

painted button

The buttons I used were plastic, faux leather looking coat buttons that I had in my stash. I painted them in white nail polish ( I know crazy right?) then quickly wiped away the polish so it would soak in the cracks of the "weave".  I think it's a really small detail, but really worth it. 

lining fabric, aww, what fun!

Come on. How CUTE! 
This is the room where I take pictures and is actually our "front room" which is just an enclosed porch. Uninsulated, so in winter it's cold, summer it's an oven. I have to say, she was a trooper for modeling a wool coat in 90 degree heat.  The only bribe were that her lovies get to be in the pic. 

Thanks O!

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