Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July=whimpy projects, old lady on a porch, blog buttons

My projects from the last month:
The 2 dresses were for new babies, and the pants were made for my son for a wedding, because I refused to pay $18.99 for boys khaki pants, I didn't have the time to take him shopping to try on pants, and magically, I had the fabric at home.

Since then, I haven't had any inspiration to sew anything.
(Maybe because little feet and loud voices are cramping my space for 2 months while they're on summer vacation? Overwhelmed with another set of new babies to make stuff for? Thinking of handmade holiday projects?) No, just summer laziness. Sitting on the porch watching the day go by.

And also seeing these guys getting stared at by the other birds is pretty funny.

yellow crowned night heron

I've also gotten addicted to designing blog buttons for myself. I wanted to refresh some details, and of course, one thing leads to another:

I find myself staying up very late looking at color charts and fonts.

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