Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some June Sewing.

I have been on a fabric buying hiatus since forever. I've been sewing with what I've got. (I can only drool at all the new fabrics coming out! I want!) 

So I am the happiest girl in the world when I can find a new use for something that was 
otherwise headed for the trash. Here are some of my recent sewings, using fabric from other things.

This dress was made with a pillowcase that I fell in love with at The Goodwill.
I loved the pattern and instantly thought it would make a great summer dress.
(Too bad I'm not a girl's size 6)
The green sash was left over from another project.

My shirt muslin was a bed sheet. (which I was also able to make 3 girls dresses out of it!)

This little dress, I LOVE THE FABRIC! It was pieces of an ethic costume used in a play.
There was a bandana, a scarf, etc. So cutting the pattern carefully, I was able to make a 3/6 month size summer dress.

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