Friday, May 30, 2014

Counting the Days...

until summer break!
It's happening sooner than I'll be ready for. I usually make a plan of adventures,
that usually falls through because summer means "no schedule", "no bedtime routine", "swim in the pool all day".
Did we miss lunch because we were having so much fun??

After one parking ticket last year, 
it's totally worth it to get a parking pass in order to park free all summer.
Which means unlimited trips to water and sand. 

I like to have an Opening Day , (which means the first sunny day in March!)
But with the beach replenishment going on, and construction, we didn't make it
until Memorial Day this year.

writing in the sand

absolute favorite shell

Actually, that's not true. We did do a COA Beach Sweep, but that wasn't our beach.
Doing a sweep has made me hyper aware of trash we
leave behind, not just at the beach, but anywhere.
It kind of got me curious, and in google searching, hashtags, I found a lovely group
on Instagram called TakeFiveForOceans
It's a small group, and the idea behind it is really cool.
Basically, pick up 5 pieces of trash at each beach visit, take a photo, hashtag it.
Done! and you feel good.

Now to invest in some sunscreen!

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