Friday, May 16, 2014

What I'm Working On...for home.

I was finally able to sew something for boys! PJ short bottoms.

Someone requested a sleeping bag/blanket that the doll wouldn't fall out of:

using scraps of course

Also using some scraps, I did Oliver + S bucket hat pattern :

The pattern was so fun to do with mix-matchy pieces and
it got me curious about hats in general, and intrigued to see if I could 
draft my own pattern for my own hat.

First I will say that I don't know anything about pattern drafting. 
How hard could it be? (sarcasm)
It's a work in progress.

 trio of hats

Fyi- I was using recycled denim, one pant leg was enough for main fabric pieces.

crown piece too big, no hat band

Would be cute for a winter hat pattern, not so much for summer. Crown was 
kind of mushroomy shaped.

Then this little experiment of adding a hat band:

The crown was long, think chef's hat, but when you smooshed it
down, it was pretty cute looking.

Inside of the muslin that was the best shape to what I wanted so far:

I had to pleat the back in two spots and add elastic so that it would stay on my head.
I need to taper the crown pattern again, and possibly add some interfacing
so it can keep it's shape.
I'll make a lining, and add a fabric covered button on the top where all the pieces meet.
So far I'm liking it.

That's what "home" projects I'm working on now. 
Shop projects will be for next time!

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