Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photography Studio, in my dreams.

I've been asking around for feedback for my shop and a few people have mentioned that my pictures should contain a model. It's been bothering me, like an itchy tag scraping your neck, how can I take model shots? Better yet, where am I going to take these so-called model shots??

Here is my plan. I am loosely calling it a plan, because it is more of an experiment that quite possibly will have disastrous results. I would love to call this place my sun room. I would love for you to imagine me sitting in this room sipping ice tea in rattan furniture. It's not that romantic. It's an enclosed porch...see that siding? I guess it used to be outside at some point in the house's history. Anyway, I figure since it gets quite a bit of natural light, for a long part of the day, I'll try and B.S. my way into making some kind of place to shoot photos.

I was removing the carpet, just from one corner cause I'm classy like that. What? You won't even notice. I clipped out that wire. I  did call the Mister to make sure I wasn't going to get electrocuted. (You know I was the girl that wouldn't go into a swimming pool by myself because I thought I might get eaten by a shark.) Better safe than sorry.

Look at me hard at work cutting the carpet. I rolled it very nicely for the trash man too.

While I was sweating like a pig cutting up carpet, this is what I spot out the window:

 My silent reaction in my head, "What the heck are you doing up there?? You want to break your neck?" What I actually said was the mother's ultimate jinx, a washing of my hands of any guilt if anything happened, "You better be careful. If you fall, I don't want to hear any crying."
Yea right. (Nobody fell.)

Here is my all my natural light! See the siding behind me? How it's smudged in green? I "tried" to faux paint it to make it NOT look like siding. Fail. It probably would of helped to have some brown paint on hand. 

Okay, that's obviously not going to work. So I hang up some curtains.

Okay, better..much better.  Just needs some ironing...and a model.

More white fabric, and a quick test of model placement. I think this is going to be OK!

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