Monday, August 26, 2013

Making Fabric--Guess the Silhouette Contest

Several months ago I entered a design contest. ( I didn't win ) I enjoyed using parts of my brain that have been dormant since, well, forever. I had to break out my sketch pad.  ( No, I don't have Adobe, or Corel, or Illustrator, or anything cool and expensive like that. )  I had to run old school w/ regular old paper and pencils.

I drew and drew and drew, and finally it all mashed together. Some people just want to make something and be done and they're happy. I like to make things, and work on it until I'm happy. That could mean it takes me 5 ideas, or proto types before I like what I'm doing. Perfectionist anyone?

After the contest was over I had this really cool design and I didn't know where or what to make with it. After more months of pondering, I decided to get it made into fabric. How cool that any Joe Smoe can design something and get it printed into fabric?!

I used Spoonflower . It was fairly easy once you have your design ready. I can tell you that drawing IRL (in-real-life) and then scanning your picture, fixing little pencil marks and smudges, and then transferring that into the correct files was a lot more tedious and difficult.

I was so excited that I ordered the Basic combed Cotton instead of Canvas. But no worries here.

Wondering why I haven't told you what the design exactly is???
Well, I'm going to have a fun contest of my own! 


Isn't silhouette a funny word?


You'll win a custom bag made by me! Style and fabric (depending on availability) of bag is your choice. Hobo, Messenger, Recycled purse, Large Tote. ( go here to get an idea ) 



For one entry: Leave me a comment here at the blog about anything. 
If you wish to comment as anonymous, please put a name/alias so it can be used when the winner is announced, and follow this blog by email to make sure you are notified when contest is over.
(HINT: Oh I just liked your FB page! -MaryJane33 )

For two entries: In your comment, leave the correct answer for this : 
The silhouettes on my fabric are my interpretation of symbols for different types of________. 
(HINT: What can you make from them? )

For multiple entries: Do you know what the silhouettes stand for? 
Each correct answer you comment  earns you another entry. 
 ( HINT: #'s 6, 11, 13, and 16 are not moustaches.


Well, I guess if you're not 18 year old get permission first. Have fun!  Follow this blog by email so you know if you won! Contest will close on SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 IF I have at least 20 individual comments. Contest will stay open until there is a minimum of 20 entrants.
 Feel free to share this with friends, on your blog, or on FaceBook. 
Winner has 1 week to claim the prize, then I pick someone else.

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