Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's that time of year when almost everyone boasts about their garden, "I can't believe I just harvested a 50lb egg plant." Or canning all sorts of things like pickled carrots and sugar syrup blah-blah in my pressurized canning oven. So I'm going to show you my garden, in all it's neglect and laziness.

 Squash blossom

Purple basil

Uh, this is the mangle of tomato plants.

And this, no-no-no, it's not weeds! It's our salad greens patch. It looked really good for the first month, in fact the whole garden looked really good. Then you realize that taking care of a garden requires constant weeding, pinching tomato vines, trimming basil. What do you think food just grows itself??

Actually, yes, yes it does. See those tomatoes there? Buried in crab grass? They were a surprise. We had about 7 or 8 surprise tomato plant pop up. We do compost, and I guess we threw out a lot of tomato seeds...

and cantaloupe seeds...(see that baby cantaloupe there?)

and squash...

and more squash. I kind of like this surprise gardening thing.

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