Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Christmas Stockings and Tree is Up up up!

Our tree, all glitzed up.

The stockings were a new edition to the decorations this year. I was tired of having a mish-mash
of stockings and having the stocking stuffers not fit! Sometimes things like a DVD, or a chocolate orange would be left out.

 So I decided to make new ones.
 It was so hard for me to pick out coordinating fabrics that I really loved! 
I tried to find Christmas themes, but none of them were just right.
I ended up at Hawthorne Threads.

And finally, after hours of browsing and getting lost in fabrics, and other project ideas..I picked
Bren Talavera's Sierra, in fiesta.

I thought it was perfect for us.

Cut out all five at once! Guess I should ask Santa for some rotary blades.

Finished and sloppily hung.

The kids complained that the dog didn't have a stocking. Ugh.
The dog's, which is on the far right, I did a quilt-as-you-go with the left over pieces. It's not lined, and the back is just a plain flannel and his hook is bias tape.  Don't judge, at he's got a stocking now! 
I have plans to make a tree skirt w/ the extra yardage anyway. :)

The tutorial that really helped me was sewlikemymom .

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