Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Insect Eggs (NaBloPoMo)

This past Sunday was a beautiful, chilly day to be outside prepping the yard for winter.
Ugh, yes winter. It was lots of hedge trimming, garden work, and putting toys away.
Cover holes so little critters can't make their home under our porch.

I was cleaning and reflecting on future yard projects. Mulch. I really hope we can mulch the edges of the yard next year. I think this would really help keep the yard looking neat.
I also want to start seedlings inside. I always seem to miss this, or rather, are usually too lazy with the winter blues to think about what seeds to plant.
I want to have our pool ready!! I missed our pool desperately and didn't get a chance to replace the cracked filter. Other life choices got in the way, and I hope to be swimming in our yard next year.

Cleaning up, I came across some mantis eggs. I found some of these pods or sacks last year, only 2. This year however I found at least 10.

I'll keep them safe over the winter, and place them back on the hedges in Spring.

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  1. You are a kind soul to take care of the pods like that! I can't say I'd do the same...