Monday, November 3, 2014

Doctor Drill and Fill (NaBloPoMo)

Play doh Dr. Drill and Fill
I've always wanted this toy. Well, always wished I had it. 
A couple years ago, my kids bought it for me as a gift. Birthday? Christmas? I don't remember which.

I just remember them asking, why would a grown-up want a kid's toy?
We all fought over the drill, and the sparkly cavity play doh was gone in a second.
The funny part about this, is that I am grossed out by loose teeth.
Any baby tooth that needed pulling, or testing to see how loose it is, I freak out.
I don't handle it. 
There was this one time my daughter's tooth, all bloody, fell out during a meal. 
She was left to sort through her plate to find it.

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