Monday, September 16, 2013

Zipper-de-do Instead of Buttons

I have been wanting to make The Geranium Dress by Made by Rae for awhile. It's simple and cute, and sort of reminds me of this vintage pattern I have:

I love vintage patterns for a number of reasons. I like looking at the price most of all. 85 cents?! 
Did you notice the Goodwill price sticker? 49 cents. 
But Goodwill, and vintage patterns shall be left for another post entirely.

The Geranium Dress I love. The options, blah-blah-blah. We've heard it. 
The only thing I don't like was that the pattern calls for buttons.  
I'm not good at button holes, I'm not good at placement, I'm not good at sewing them on. 
I found lots of different tutes that go from zippers to buttons. Not so much the other way around. 
And I didn't really need a whole tute, I just wanted confirmation if adding a zip in my way was going to work before wasting materials.

Ah-ha! I'll take some pictures while I make a muslin! 

*This is by no means a tutorial on anything, but just what I did.
If it helps you, then that's awesome!

My bodice pieces are red cordouroy. 
The floral is yard-sale fabric which are the bodice lining pieces, as well as the skirt piece.


And this was the first pic I took because I forgot I was going to document anything! DOH! 
What I did was take the Back Bodice piece and draw a line straight through the button hole placements. I added a 1/2in to that line for my Seam Allowance. I cut out 2 pieces each, fabric and lining.
I'm using an invisible zipper, so before sewing any pieces together, I attached the zipper. 
These tutorials helped me once upon time: ProfessorPincushion, Craftovison

Whee! Sewing around the neckline. 
Confession: I am a sloppy and lazy pattern cutter-outer. 
See the 1/4in difference in the lining fabric and outside fabric? Just ignore it.
And I didn't use the pattern to trace the neckline cutout either! :/
Pattern markings? What's that?

Wrong side of the neck before trimming and pressing.

Right side of the back bodice, w/ lining pressed under.

This is the lining. 
Well, I serged too soon, and too much. 
But that's okay, it's a muslin, and it's on the inside.

Folded the lining about a 1/4in, then hand stitched it to the zipper tape.

One side done.

Finished lining. Neat and clean.

Outiside invisible zip. 

This is the inside of the completed muslin. I made the bodice lining pieces longer so they would cover up the skirt seam. Then just serged the lining edges. I didn't want to have to hand sew them down.
The armholes are bound in bias tape, hand stitched on the inside. (Okay, my bias tape used to be curtains or napkins or something, it was the only yellow I had.)

This was a size 6. 
The skirt doesn't flare out, and is very straight because I used a left over piece of fabric.
I was able to gather it a little bit, but not too much. It has no pockets, and only a back seam.
I can't wait to make another one, just have to narrow done my fabric choices!

Another muslin:
( The bodice was a vintage dinner napkin. )


Invisible zip:

And the bodice lining was a vintage curtain:

Off to find more fabric!

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