Friday, September 27, 2013

Speaking of Zippers

I'm still fooling around with the Geranium Dress and it is such a mess because all my zippers were all over the place. I just had them rubber banded by color in a box. Other ideas for storing zippers, or so I've read are:
on a tie rack,
in a binder, or
ziploc bags.

 My sewing room is my laundry room/pantry, and I'm squeezed in pretty tight, so the space is limited.

This pic on The Domestic Diva's Disasters by Teresa Franco inspired me.
 (link doesn't work, but you can kind of get the idea by the picture.) 
Using safety pins to bunch up the zipper, and thumb tacks to hang them on the wall. 

Time to use my cheap big brain.
I liked the safety pin route because I've got a billion of those.
 I don't have the wall space to hang them up but I do have a window.

For a split second I thought I could string some cord across and have some zipper bunting in the my window.

I scout around the house looking for ideas and looks like besides safety pins, I have a plethora of curtain rods. I've uses a tension rod so I didn't need any hardware.

Pics look funky because I have a cheap camera, and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to take a picture facing a sunny window.

Besides safety pins, and curtain rods, I have paper clips I bought in a clearance basket somewhere because I had a fantasy about paper clipping knitting patterns, and bills, and letters.

I bent the paper clip like this:

Threaded the clip through the little hole in the safety pin, and then "hooked" them on the curtain rod.

I labelled my invisible zippers with masking tape.

It certainly does the job.
Believe it or not, its pretty fun to look up and see this zipper rainbow. 


Makes me want sew everything with zippers.

 I'm digging it.

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