Monday, February 16, 2015

Busy busy shop news.

I was finally able to take photos of all the etsy listings that were sitting around!
 My picture set up is on an enclosed porch, so I like to avoid taking pictures during winter.
Taking pictures in the cold is not my idea of fun! I have to admire those nature photographers who camp out to wait for that perfect shot. Or really any on-location photographer!

I had a custom order for a Little Mermaid theme pouch. Which turned out really cute!
I was able to finagle the left over pieces to make another set.

And these pouch sacks I love so much!! 
They are so fun to make and I really have a hard time letting them go. (I keep all my bags in a really inconvenient place. Stacked, and packed in a large bin, so I'm not tempted to use them for myself! Truth!)

And something that made me smile... I opened a fabric order that I placed a while ago and found a note tucked inside. I receive extra fabric because the cut on the bolt was less than a yard! 
Yay for free fabric!
I hope you find something to smile about, even if it seems to be the tiniest thing.
If you live in a place that has a cold, long winter season, you need things to smile about while we wait for Spring!

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