Friday, January 30, 2015

Finished Object (FO) Friday!!

I can finally have a FO Friday post! I usually don't have the proper timing to do that.

Here's the finished Daisy Chain pattern by Amanda Lilley

It's exactly what I wanted, and pictured actually! I'm so happy. Sometimes when you're knitting you have no idea how it's going to turn out, and other times, you just "feel" it's going to be perfect!

I stopped the pattern short, a couple rows under the arms, because I wanted it to be a summer bolero for a 3 year old. 
You know, to throw over a summer dress just to make it a little fancy.

It's made with cotton-ease, so it's soft and perfect for anytime.

It's suppose to have embroidery on the front, and I just couldn't get it to look nice. I tried.
 I also had a problem with leaving the back of the embroidery exposed. I like things to look neat from the inside as well, and I just couldn't get it to look satisfactory. I didn't want to have little fingers poke around either. 

I do think it looks so cute with a little brooch! I will probably make some knit-friendly, kid-friendly brooches with felt and magnets.

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