Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Bug.

Summer haircut.

Some of the summer wardrobe that has been in the makes.
Trying to "girly" up some cargo shorts passed down from big brother.

Making this dress happen from scraps and a bed sheet. 
This fabric was once a king size flat sheet and it is the
softest cotton! Perfect for hot weather! 
I've made so many muslins out of it, it's finally getting smaller.

Twirly skirts, for a birthday gift.

Lazy gardener salad thing. Gifted to us by the 'rents, it's a big sturdy plastic barrel with holes all around. It's pretty cool, you can compost in the center core, and I think it comes with a stand if you wanted to put it indoors.

This is the guy that's been putting holes in everything. 
I was fascinated and yet appalled when it was hissing, so of course I teased it till it flew away.


  1. I love the picture of doggie's fresh haircut, I love that you made a sweet little girl's dress out of a bed sheet. I love the bright flower fabric on camo cargo shorts, I love those twirly skirts. I love the thought of lettuce growing out of a tiered pot. While I don't love beetles and bugs that eat my plants, I do love that picture where I can see the ends of this one's antennae flared out.

    You've inspired me to try to capture a month in pictures. Let's see if I can remember to actually do so... I love it!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I do pictures because I just have a hard time writing!

    2. Here it is approaching the middle of August and I haven't managed to take enough (good) pictures to quite capture a month that way. But this post, and this idea are still with me. One of these months I am going to manage this - and then maybe another... ;^)