Friday, March 20, 2015

Finished Object Friday!

I've been saving this post just so I can have a FO Friday!

Pretty psyched about this project too for a couple of reasons.
Last year, I was slacking in the knitting department. Well, any kind of "handmade gift department".
I was really impressed with people who made quilts, and stockings, 
and kitchen accessories, etc for gifts, and gave them on time.
So in December 2014, I made a goal that in 2015, I would  plan ahead and start the handmades way before. Kind of hard when you are prone to procrastination, and have so many things you want to make and no time.

I've been really awesome so far though! 
Easter is coming around the corner, and I make little softies for my kids. 
They get a small basket with some chocolate, and candy, and something handmade from me.

I made them bunnies, then stuffed little eggs, and this year I made lambs.

Pattern: ASE's Little Lamb-Knit Version by Anita Elmore

It's a fairly simple pattern, and quick to do. When you're making 3 of them in a row, it can get kind of boring. 

lamb butt

I did all their "fleece"gray so there would be less fighting.

lamb feet

lamb head

The lamb's eyes are felt circles. The ears are gathered felt. 
The pattern called for knitted ears but I was done knitting honestly. I don't think I could of knitted 6 little ears.

I added little felt bows for the girls and I'm done!!
Ahead of schedule too!!

finished lambies


  1. Cuteness overload here! I miss making softies for my little one but being a senior now she just isn't to them any more. Now, I only hope that she will choose one of them to go with her next year as she moves on to college. Oh, that hurts just to type it. Where does the time go?

    She Knits in Pearls

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