Saturday, January 10, 2015

Late to the party

My first post of 2015! Better late than never!
I have 2 January birthdays in my family, so the holiday bustle isn't really over until those birthdays are taken care of. Thankfully, they fall within the first week!

I'm pretty lucky that for the past couple years, one of the birthday recipients has wanted an ice cream cake. And after baking all those cookies last month, I'm kind of baked out right now.
I've found a really fast and easy way to assemble a cake at home, that is comparable to one found at Carvel. Carvel is our classic ice cream cake place. Pretty sure they're only in the north east.
A small cake can cost about $14 bucks, and they're really good!

I melt 2 half gallon containers of ice cream. Whatever is on sale, whatever flavor is requested.
I leave out the ice cream to melt at room temp, or if in a rush, I pop in the microwave. You want it soft, not soupy.
I line 2 nine inch baking pans with plastic wrap and scoop and smooth the ice cream in.

For the filling, I de-cream some Oreo cookies. 
I take a sharp knife and scrape off the filling. And if you can find leftover holiday ones on sale, even better.
Crush them up. You want large crumbs, not powder.
I haven't found a use for the cream and feel bad about throwing it out, but it freezes
too hard to use in an ice cream cake.

Unmold the bottom part of the cake and top with chocolate syrup and some cookie crumbs. 
Looks like a brain. That's the indent from the plastic wrap. Don't worry it smoothes out.

I put the other layer on top and use the plastic to smooth and hand melt it into a nicer looking cake shape. The ice cream is surprisingly soft and mailable, so I need to work quick.


I smooth some softend cool whip on the cake with a spatula.
I put some extra cool whip in a bag and just decorate the messy edges, throw some sprinkles and done! You can hide lots of things with sprinkles!

Super easy and a favorite in my house. Not as easy as my ice cream sandwich cake, but that's for another day!