Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What can I say (nablopomo)

What can I say? 
I'm pretty much out of ideas for posting, but yet here I am, writing nonsense so I can hit "publish" and not miss a day.
I guess I will just type what's on my mind.

This blogging everyday is really hard! 
I have a feeling I'll be having a lot of "cheater" posts coming up.

I want to get started on my gift knitting, and sewing (I'm waiting for my thread to come in).

I need to make my yearly ornaments for my kids...ugh, cookie baking, what kind of pie am I making for Thanksgiving? 

Life is too fast!

I need to really clean the house. I've done some quick cleaning, but I need to move stuff around.
I need to organize my pattern books and go through my yarn.

I should make a list of what I need from the craft store and not go empty handed.

Omg. Is eating hot dogs once a week too much? I'm talking full on who knows what's in here hot dog, not a tofu, soy dog. A nitrate filled oblong balloon.
Kids asked if we can have hot dogs every Wednesday. 

Speaking of Wednesday, that's changing bedding day.
Which means tomorrow I will wash all the bedding and sleep like a baby. 

 Today I'll just find something else to do.

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