Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Costume 2014 (NaBloPoMo)

 This Halloween I made a big announcement that I was not buying anymore costumes. 
 "Good luck coming up with an idea, because I'm not buying anything."
Ah-ha kid! You'll have to use your imagination and come up with a costume! You'll have to be creative and use you're supplies from home! What fun!
No. No fun. Two out of the three, nonchalantly (to my dismay), replied that they're going to use last year's costumes.  The other...oh the other child.
Well, a long shouting session, brain farting, money discussions, and ideas later, she wants to be a rag doll.
 Well, I was going to have to make her one.

I took the collar off another shirt, and sewed, (very badly) patches all over the purple flannel.

What's different about this dress, is that I kept 2 slits on the waist for tubing (She wears a diabetes pump.) to come through.
We're pretty new to this pump thing, and what do you do when you're wearing a gown, or a dress?
Do you have a little pocket on the inside? A leg strap? What? Tell me.

For those not familiar with a diabetes pump, (short answer) it delivers insulin via a port in your body. So there is tubing that connects from the pump, to your port. 

This dress has 2 pockets, and above the pockets are 2 slits that the tubing can travel through. So she can still access the pump via the pocket, and not have her tubing running on the outside.

She loved it.

Today also starts Diabetes Awareness Month, so if you haven't already, please check out my giveaway here it ends on the 15th.

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  1. What a cute costume! I don't think I have ever seen a pump like that - you did a great job making it work with the dress!