Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday (NaBloPoMo)

Friday-Friday. Weekend plans.

I'm going to finish knitting a square for a blanket.  It's just one square to be part of a blanket for a friend who lost someone they love. As a person who makes things, when we want to comfort someone, we do what we know. We make.

I could of just knitted any old square, but for some reason I wanted it to have more meaning. Even if that meaning behind all the stitches was just for me to know.

I decided to go with the pattern called Heavy Rain. It's a simple repeat worked on the purl side, and easy to remember. I added rows of plain stockinette to break up the "drops".


Its suppose to symbolize rain drops, or in my case, tears. It's just beautiful to think about the process of when you are grieving, you are crying. You're crying so much, and then you get a break. Whether it's from a friend's comfort or a funny memory, and then it's back to crying again.
 It's a long cycle that lasts days, years even, sometimes it seems never ending.

I hope that the person getting this blanket will have long breaks between the crying, filled with loving thoughts from someone who is no longer here.



  1. What a beautiful sentiment! I hope this brings great comfort to your friend.

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your friend! Kindnesses like this meant the world to me when my dad passes away, and I will never forget the people behind them.

  3. I love this stitch and it is perfect for someone grieving and ultimately moving on. Water is such a healing element.