Monday, September 22, 2014

T-Shirt to Girl's Dress Re-con

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of a remake/reconstruction I did a little bit ago. 
I took a girls size 6 shirt that was too small, and an adult size XXL t-shirt and made a new dress.
I've been doing this for a couple years, just to get some more life out of favorite shirts that have grown too small. I would have to add length to the shirts, but now, I've started to open up the armholes as well. (Kids, they grow, what can you do?)

I cut off the sleeves of the girls shirt, and the sleeves of the adult tee:

widened the arm hole, cut off the hem 

cut off adult sleeves

traced new sleeves

ripped neckline stitches out, cut a key hole in back of neck

I noticed that the hem I trimmed earlier, would make really cute sleeves, so I layered them for the new sleeve. (I ripped out neck binding an inch or so from the key hole, being careful because I was going to reuse the binding.)

red dots are the old hem made into new sleeve, (blue arrow is neck binding open)

 I could of omitted the under grey, but felt since summer was on it's way out, I needed a "longer" sleeve.

The new sleeves look like this:

new sleeve yay!

Next I serged the edges of the key hole, and turned them under (no photo). I only did a key hole/back tie because the shirt was a little tight getting over the head.

I had grey draw string from something...pants? a shirt? Who knows.
I tucked it into the neck binding, and sewed it closed, for the back tie.

drawstring in the neck binding

finished back tie

Next, the skirt of the dress from the bottom of the adult tee:

trim off from the bottom of the armhole across

I was lucky that the shirt I was using did not have any side seams, so there was less to line up when attaching to the bodice. I had a lot of pleats in "skirt" since it was an XXL shirt going around a girls size 6.
I normally don't pin, so this was super annoying to me! But there was no way around it.

so slow...

finished skirt bottom

At this point, it would of been cute as a sleeveless summer dress! 
We'll see if I can undo the sleeves when the weather gets warm!

This was a bit long for my girl, so I  needed to hem it.
 And unfortunately my zig-zag machine was kaputs. (needed a new belt) 
So I had to do by hand, which I actually like doing anyway.

And done!

I love remaking things and giving new life and purpose to things.
Is there a re-con in your project list?

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  1. This is really genius, I wish I would have done stuff like this as my daughter was growing up.

    She Knits in Pearls