Thursday, October 17, 2013

Treadle Singer 15-30, or just Rose.

I'm a lucky girl to have inherited my great grandmother-in-law's sewing machine.


It's a Singer Model 15-30, treadle. Made in 1918.
It has a broken upper tension spring, which I already ordered, so I'm patiently waiting to try out her stitches. I ordered springs from here: Sew Classic.
In the mean time, I'm cleaning it up really well, and oiling like crazy.
Lucky for me I happened to have an extra belt, so I hooked that up right away also. 

This is my first treadle so I've been watching "Treadle" videos, and trying to learn any little tricks. 
Here's a sample of stitches after I put the spring in:

I was literally saying, "Wheeeeeeeeeeee" as I was going. It was so fun. This is my straight stitch foot, feed dogs are up, (I don't think I have a choice there) and just going along.
This is the longest stitch length. I couldn't believe how tiny I could get the stitches either. Pretty amazing. There are some loopy stitches every so often, so I'll finish cleaning, ( a thorough job too )
and I can't wait to see the quality once it's all done.

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